About Britney Spears

About Britney Spears
Britney Spears was born in Mississippi, USA in 1981. She is one of the world’s best-selling singers, having sold over 80 million records worldwide. She also writes songs and acts. She led a revival of teen pop in the late 1990s, which helped her become a star. She is also famous for her problems with drugs and alcohol.

Spears was a budding gymnast when she was a child and competed in many tournaments. She also sang and danced in her local church shows. She spent several summers developing her talent at a performing arts school in New York. When she was 11, she appeared in the Disney Channel’s New Mickey Mouse Club.

She signed a recording contract at the age of 16. Spears released her debut single "Baby One More Time” in 1998. It was an instant international success and ranks as the 38th best song of all time. The album of the same name sold 28 million copies and is the best selling album for a teenager. Spears broke many records and won many awards. She had established herself as a pop phenomenon.

Spears was ranked the world's most powerful celebrity in 2002 by ‘Forbes’ magazine. She released four more albums, which cemented her status as a superstar. Her personal life has been less successful. Her four-year relationship with Justin Timberlake ended in 2002. She married dancer Kevin Federline in 2004 and divorced him in 2007.

She is currently fighting for custody of their two sons, but failed to win. I think she was pregnant too early and she was not ready for the responsibility.

Kim Kardashian's Cover for W Magazine

Kim Kardashian's Cover for W Magazine

It's all about me
I mean you
I mean me

Kim Kardashian's Cover for W Magazine,It's all about me,I mean you,I mean me

Miley Cyrus wild performance

Miley Cyrus wild performance
do you think she wild. i can see some of her private part are appear

Modern Cave Paintings

Everyone of us know that the early civilization of human are live in caves. Painting are one of the art for them to express their life or for next generation to learn.

Today i just came across this art by Marko Stout called The Cave. He is a NYC physician, surgeon, biologist and artist with advanced studies in metaphysics.

Don't get me wrong about "cave". For better understanding i would like to quote what cave mean from Marko Stout perception.
"The Cave" as a metaphor for our thought and sensory limitations,  as our human experience is limited by our imprisonment within a physical body, we therefore attempt to understand the nature of the universe through myth, religions and scientific methodology in an impossible attempt to understand the universe.     
That is it.

Look at one of his painting, work utilizes an outsider abstract expressionist influenced styling often integrating many Jungian in an attempt to integrate the mind body. Just like in ancient time the author has own expression and vision. You may excited towards this paintings but more important was message that he try to deliver

I satisfied with his creation and if you love about abstract paintings you should learn from NYC Artist and try to interpret the message on every painting.

ozzy osbourne fuck justin bieber

ozzy osbourne interviews and says "who the fuck is justin bieber". i think he is too much on this statement

Celine Dion controversy in 1998

Remember the controversy in 1998 where Celine Dion face lawsuit by montreal businessman. This story may out of date but need to pay attention to avoid this happen to others celebrity.

Celine Dion is fighting a £1.5m lawsuit by Montreal businessman Carl Legault, who alleges that his company had an agreement with the singer to market underwear, lingerie and legwear under her name. Dion, however, has denied that any such agreement was made. Filed on March 11, the charges against the singer and her husband Rene Angelil are currently being considered by the Quebec Superior Court.

A spokesperson for Dion's record company, Columbia, commented, "They receive many requests to sell products using the name and likeness of Celine Dion and it is their normal procedure to deal with each request in a professional businesslike manner."

Britney Spears "Curious"

The launch of Britney's first beauty product - her perfume "Curious" - offered a new
opportunity to connect her fans to the Britney brand name. Elizabeth Arden sought a
multi-media campaign including web and mobile components.
Working with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, ipsh! sent out approximately
350,000 SMS messages to young women across the country, instructing them to
press "talk" to hear a personal message from Britney herself. The pre-recorded
message instructed recipients to enter in their zip codes to receive future alerts
regarding the official launch of the fragrance.


Reach out to Britney's core audience of young, female tweens and teens using the viral language to which they have become accustomed: SMS.
Promote the fragrance launch by connecting fans to the pop star directly, and drive immediate sales by creating a strong
marketing buzz.


The campaign created a buzz around the launch of the fragrance
and connected the target demographic to the Curious brand in
a meaningful way and exciting way. Nearly 30,000 girls opted-in with their
zip codes for more alerts upon receiving their personal message
from Britney. Curious was the #1 fragrance launch of 2004, and ipsh!
and Goodby Silverstein were awarded Mediaweek's award for Best
Non-Traditional Media Plan of the Year for this campaign in 2005.